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By grahamp - 07:25 PM, 04-23-2005 Rating: None
I don't bother with the screen. The outside of the curved film is the anti-halation coating, and that clears in the wash if not before. I also put a light trap / inversion top on mine. .
By Murray@uptowngallery - 04:27 AM, 05-04-2005 Rating: None
I have heard that black ABS is UV-opaque, but white PVC is not.
ABS is not (apparently) easily found in my state (Michigan) because plumbing code doesn't require it...therefore suppliers do not stock it.
I've debated a drive to a neighboring state, but it' s not worth the 3 hour drive.
Maybe someone for whom it's a garden-variety item should sell kits and retire from their day job~!

By markbb - 09:58 AM, 10-26-2005 Rating: None
can you tell me what the fibreglass screen material is like? (we don't have screen doors in the UK). What size is the mesh, approximaltely what size are the filaments? Is there any benefit in using fibreglass?

By johnnywalker - 12:27 AM, 11-22-2005 Rating: None
I bought the stuff today and made a couple, but it cost more than $6.00! Fortunately ABS seems to be ubiquitous in the hardware stores here in B.C. Should be worth it. Very easy to make. The only potential problem I see is the fibreglass screen. It wants to unravel, and I don't see it lasting very long.
Re the fibreglass, go to a boat supply place for it. They use it for fixing and making fibreglass boats, amongst other things. It's not used for screen doors. It's more like cloth than screen.