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By Malc Raggett - 02:19 PM, 02-01-2005 Rating: None
I have a couple of variations on your technique Melisa (applies to Type 59 film, which I've used, probably works on the other "transferable" types as well)
(1) I put a few drops of ammonia solution in the warm float water (making the water slightly alkali seems to soften the emulsion, whereas acid seems to harden it)
(2) I don't find I have to wait 8-24 hours, but maybe the alkali helps, or maybe I'm just impatient!
(3) the transfer tray is better if it is flat bottomed rather than a ridged phototray. I use a cat litter tray (the cat has to cross her legs!), which is about 300mm x 400mm (12" x 14&quot

By Melisa Taylor - 02:10 PM, 02-25-2005 Rating: None
Hi Malc: I discovered the other day that i can do a lift right after exposure, too. I was always under the impression that you had to wait, but apparently not.