In todays Age and presumably the Sydney Morning Herald, there was an article about Sam Haskins having a retrospective, showing images taken over the past five decades.

Sam Haskins: Portraits and other stories is at the National Portrait Gallery, Canberra, from Friday Dec the 8th. until April 2007.

I didn't know we had a National Portrait Gallery in Canberra, another good use of our taxes at work.

Anyone in the area heard about this, or thinking of going?

I'm possibly thinking of dropping in to Canberra, to tour the National Gallery, plus the National Portrait Gallery, if in fact it's a different one, over the summer holidays.

It would be nice to know, if it's worth seeing this Sam Haskins stuff! Otherwise I'll stay in the Snowy Mountains taking pictures.

Apparently Don Burrows will be launching Sam's latest book: Cowboy Kate & Other Stories: Directors Cut, on Friday the 8th of December.

Sam now lives in Bowral, wonder of wonders, I knew he had left England, but thought he had gone back to his native South Africa to retire, he must be somewhere around 80 years of age these days.