Hi Sandy,

This is exactly the sort of comment i'm looking for ! And I agree completely with you, the lens section needs some work and some input from actual users of those lenses. I'm a newbie to ULF, and haven't produced a single large negative, so I'm in no position to share my experience except of my camera building project. I'll be more than happy to share my work as soon as I have some ! And the same goes for lenses !

As for pictures of people working with ULF cameras, that's the one thing I'm trying the most to get from ULFers, so If you have one, i'll put it up as soon as possible ! With a homemade 20x24, you are very welcome to present your camera, impressions and work if you want !

I built this site to give ULFers a rallying point, a compilation of experiences and ressources, your help is more than welcome if you feel like it !