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In an article about Sam Haskins having a retrospective, showing images taken over the past five decades.

It would be nice to know, if it's worth seeing this Sam Haskins stuff!

Sam now lives in Bowral, wonder of wonders,
I'm a great fan of Sam Haskins' B&W work.
In fact it was a chance encounter with Cowboy Kate in the early 60's that switched me onto photography.
I was browsing through a book shop looking at books I couldn't afford as an impecunious medical student, when I picked up this B&W book of grainy graphic images - highlights bleeding out into white nothingness, shadows melting into solid blacks, asymmetrical compositions - wow. I hadn't seen images like it before (early 60's - it was cutting edge stuff) and had never thought of photography as expressive art (I used to draw/sketch in B&W as my art).
Within a few weeks I had found a communal darkroom and was teaching myself how to print. That was it.
I have several of his books - I love 'African images' too. Great sense of place and design, and terrific use of grain. Similar techniques to 'Kate', not afraid to do the 'undoable' and step outside convention.
His colour work is very skilled and visionary too - years before Phoroshop remember, this is over 40 years ago. But the B&W is what works for me.

His website talks of his slide lectures. I went to one about 30 years ago and it was a blast.

PS. where is Bowral?