I plan on publishing all of the work. I have some problems facing me.

1. I need one more grade of enlarging paper. I can only get grades from 0 - 2. I cannot get a grade 3.

2. I cannot get a repeatable film emulsion. It varies in fog and contrast and that is probably due to the ammonia digest. There are ways around this, but so far my attempts have failed. I also need more speed. I'm working on a high iodide emulsion at the present time which does not use ammonia.

3. I'm tweaking the Azo formula to improve results.

4. I'm tweaking surfactant to reduce coating defects. So far, it can run as high as 50% on baryta and watercolor, but I want less than 10% which is what I get on the Strathmore Smooth. My average on baryta with a custom formula is about 90% good stuff, and the same with watercolor, but I don't want to have a formula for every paper support.

Thats about it.