That's certainly true. By the way, I do have one of your darkroom books (and refer to it often), but I have not seen any of your pure photo books.


I live in a large, metropolitan area (just outside of D.C), but all the used book stores I hit are devoid of good photography books. Maybe there are more people looking for these things in an urban area. Anyhow, I did find a good Winogrand book, as well as Eggleston's Los Alamos (still in print I believe), at a used store in Kansas of all places. Los Alamos is incredible. Having good size, quality reproductions really makes a difference. You can see the thickness of the ink on the page, which gives the photos a real sense of depth. Even for those who don't like Eggleston, this book is essential. By far the best colors I've seen in a book. I'm open for challenges on that one, however.