On the plus side, if you seek out used book stores (we have a great one buried deep in the woods in Copake) you will find all kinds of classic photo books available for a very low price. I picked up a Karsh retrospective covering his American famous persons portraits from the 1940's to the 1980's for about $10 - and it was in excellent condition. Had everyone from Lena Horne to Winston Churchill (remember his Mom was an American!) and so many others.

Hit the used book stores and build up your photo library! [/QUOTE]

I'm currently reading Karshs autobiography called "In Search of Greatness". It's light with not much photography but I believe its important to have an understanding of what is involve in wonderful photography. I had found this book at the local use bookstore for $5. A treasure for me.
Current photography books can be pricey but if its someone you admire then buy it. This last year I think I've added to my library of books with these photographers. John Sextons, Matha Casanave, Jerry Wolfe, Steve Anchell, Mona Kuhn, Bruce Barnbaum, Arnold Newman and two books on the subject of photography. One called "Collecting Photography" by Gerry Badger and one of a personal history of Photography called "Photography, History and science" by Gerald H. Robinson.
After reading the Karsh book. I plan to read Richard Whelan's biography book on Stieglitz. From there. Who knows?