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Similarly, as much as people bemoan the loss of this or that film or paper, which is understandable to a degree, I never hear complaints about the availability of the seminal photography works. In addition to my long time interest in documenting my world, it was seeing books by a few photographers that made pick up a camera in the first place. They gave me the inspiration to go from thinking to doing. I consider the viewing of good photos to be a very important part of my photographic life. I wish I could get affordable copies of the classics. If anyone knows of any good sources, let me know.

I know what you mean. Realistically, books should be affordable but some of these out of print titles are only available for a small fortune. Try getting your hands on some Josef Koudelka books - you'd think that at least 'the Gypsies' would be reprinted. Same goes for Gilles Peress 'Telx: Iran'.