Good work. Thanks for you contribution to the ULF movement. I agree that a gallery of ULF images would be useful, but practically, how does one scan a 20x24" print for the web? Do you pay $$$ for a large drum scan with multi-dozen-megabyte file size then degrade the image by 90% to fit it on the page? Do you post the whole enchilada and wait 40 seconds for it to load on broadband (20 min. on dial-up)? Can anyone tell the difference between a scan of a 4x5 and of a 16x20 from their monitor? In the end we're converting those eye-popping contact prints, with their 125 lpm to digital images at 72 dpi. That a 97.74% degradation in image quality.

Monitor optics aside, I look forward to re-visiting the site many times, and I hope to see much more regarding techniques, resources, and equipment.