The Gurney and Mott work is a classic well known at Kodak. When we are first hired at Kodak in research we take a very long course in photographic science and engineering, going to regular classes with homework along with our normal job.

We have a huge set of notebooks that teach every phase of this, and the work is accompanied by a lab where we first do hand coatings and then machine coatings. We do color and B&W both.

We used to call it "Ding Dong School".

This two volume set has never been published for obvious reasons, but part of it is in Mees and James and part is in Haist. These are the 'unclassified' parts.

The classified parts contain (among other things) page after page of sensitizing dyes, their properties, their spectra, the best mode of addition, what types of grains to use them on. It resembles the tables in Mees and James, but is more extensive. Gurney and Mott are prominently featured in the section on sensitization. The current version on dyes was written by Paul Gilman.