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Hi Sandy,

And I agree completely with you, the lens section needs some work and some input from actual users of those lenses.

snip, snip, snip, snip .. .....

As for pictures of people working with ULF cameras, that's the one thing I'm trying the most to get from ULFers, so If you have one, i'll put it up as soon as possible ! With a homemade 20x24, you are very welcome to present your camera, impressions and work if you want !

I have contacted my friend Sam Wang, who made the pictures, to send you the file so you can put the images up on your site.

About the lenses, I will be happy to write up a small description of the lenses I use for ULF, or if you like, I might even volunteer to do a full article for you on this. It is something I have been wanting to do anyway and I could probably get Ed Buffaloe to put it up on his site as well. I know quite a number of ULF workers and would plan to solicit their input as well because there are really a lot of wonderful lenses out there that most people know little or nothing about. Everybody knows Dagors and Protars of course, but there is a lot of other good stuff as well.

Sandy King