Regarding the cost of the portfolio, a few people have already chipped in--many thanks to those who have. If you want to do so as well, just send me an email, and we can figure out the best method. A check from an Australian bank may cost me more to cash in the U.S. than it's worth, and a U.S bank draft may cost more in Australia than you want to send (but hey, you could always send the true international currency--8x10" sheets of Tri-X). Since transferring funds internationally can be complicated and expensive, and I really don't mind picking up most of the cost for the portfolio as my contribution to APUG, I'd like to keep it all voluntary.

On the camera issue--yeah, let's keep it separate. Maybe later we can change it, if we're inspired to do so. Nothing is written in stone.

On including extra unmounted prints--maybe. Let's see how much room there is. Another option might be to mount multiple small prints on one 11x14" board.

As to updates on the current location, I think Brian was planning to do that on the private portfolio page, but we could also do it in a thread on the forum.

One thing that was mentioned in the portfolio instructions was that there would be a form for including technical information on the back of the print. Since neither Brian nor Sean nor I have devised such a form, and I'm not sure we really need one, I would propose that contributors just include an information sheet with technical and background information, using the prints already in the portfolio as models.