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I think there has always been a rather limited market for photographic books. In part, the production costs require fairly high prices which is a "turn off" to many.
This may be true but it is a very strong and faithful market. Production costs, while high for any book, are not the problem. It is the small print runs and cost per unit. Because there is a small (even though strong) market, there is no need for larger print runs that would keep cost per unit much lower. We as enthusiasts and lovers of the medium have to pay a hefty price for what we love. It is also the reason publishers are not willing to put out the money for reissues of older titles. No matter how popular, they only appeal to a small group and will not make the kind of money bigger publishers are looking to make. The strength in the photo book market is in smaller presses as well as self-publishing. This is where the future is I believe. PD