"Stone Walls . Grey Skies" by George Tice. Excellent and intimate landscapes and townscapes that include the 'hand of man'.

"Hymn to the Earth" by Ron Rosenstock. A book of not very unusual LF landscape and manvironmentscape work, but it's enhanced greatly by the verse (much of it Haiku) by Gabriel Rosenstock (an unrelated Rosenstock btw.).

"Orchestrating Icons" by Huntington Witherill. Even though Witherill has gone down the digital road (and is currently doing work I just can't abide), this collection from BCE (before the current era) is excellent.

"Along the Way" by Mark Citret. This isn't a landscape collection per se, though there are many fine examples of that kind of photograph, but it is a collection of gorgeous black and white work by an underappreciated master.