Sorry for no posts in the previous days, I was a bit busy.

No real news so far, I didn't give up the idea of a homemade emulsion... I just figured out it's much safer to prepare the emulsion and use it straight away. I only wonder how long the coated papers will keep before fogging. If relatively large batches of coated papers are possible, then it's worth the effort of preparing a new batch of emulsion every time one needs it.

Maybe I will experiment a little with some unwashed chloride / "gaslight" emulsion. Should I follow the same rules as in the unwashed bromide emulsion? Does the fogging in unwashed chloride emulsions occur in the same way?

I've been successful in sticking commercial emulsion (SE1) to a glass plate. The subbing solution suggested in "Silver Gelatin" didn't work very well (it worked, but wasn't perfect and I had emulsion lifting in some areas of some plates). What works really well is artists' spray varnish (the ones designed for pencil drawings, oil paintings, etc. - windsor & newton is ok). Apply that on a very clean piece of glass and you got the perfect substrate for emulsion. I left a glass plate for over 30minutes in water and the emulsion didn't lift.

Making negative dry plates is very fun. Positives are a problem and I haven't found yet a good way of making them.