Tom. Somebody mentioned John Davies. He has an exhibition of B&W landscape prints at the National Film, Television and Photography Museum in Bradford at the moment.

I was there yesterday and if you can get along it's well worth a visit. It's a mixture of trad open country and urban landscape - mainly the latter. A lot of the prints are of Sheffield taken in the early 80s when it was going through major change. He also covers Durham, Manchester and S. Wales

They are big! The smallest about 18 x 24 inches but most well over 2 x 3 ft.

The museum is a full day out if you want it to be and is a place for the whole family. The kids could easily be left in the television studio area for most of the day. They can actually use real TV cameras under the direction of a disembodied producer who advises you what to do.

There's also a history of photography in the basement.

Back to John Davies. You can listen and watch a 5 minute interview of him explaining his background and why he does what he does. The only aspect he doesn't cover is what equipment, film,camera etc he uses and where he gets his prints done. You see him on location with it but I couldn't make out what it was. It looked like an MF and not a view camera. He could transport it quite happily up steep hills while it was attached to the tripod. No bellows as far as I could see.

All I can say is: If that's what you can do with MF then until I can afford part of say the Tate gallery to show my prints, MF is all I'll ever aspire to.

Oh, it's all free as well.