This is directed mostly to canadians that use 8x10 film.

I bought my first pack of 8x10 film from Freestyle photo a while ago and fedex delivered it pretty fast and i was extremely happy that they didnt ask for customs tax and brokerage fees. then 2 weekslater i got a letter from FEDEX canada saying that i owe them C$21 for customs fees. I called them up and told them that there is no way on this earth that i was paying that money since i wasn't informed during the delivery and if i was, i would tell them to send the package back to where it came from. They understood my complaint and didnt ask for the payment.

Last week i was about to place another order on freestyle and just as i was checkingout i saw the little note saying ;

"Duties Notice:
You are responsible for all duties, customs, and brokerage fees associated with your order. If you refuse to pay the carrier or the carrier's agent for these charges, Freestyle will charge your credit card for all amounts billed to Freestyle by the carrier or the carrier's agent."

I was a little choked since my next order was gonna be $100+ and the fees would probably be around C$50. So i canceled my order and started looking around.

Film here in Canada is extremely expensive. C$100+ for ilford line of 8x10 film. fits my budget very nicely.

Does any one in canada experienced something similar with JandCphotos? Their JandC Pro film seems to be similar to which basically is a fortepan..

How do you canadians get your big film?

Eight Elm photo in Toronto carries Fortepan 200 and 400 in 8x10 (25) sizes for C$75 which equals to $55 usd ( is $34 and its the same film as fortepan)

So here is my dilemma.. I am on budget and i want 8x10 film...

help me out, please..
thank you