Thank you, Ann!

I *loved* every second of this interview ... whether or not Rose did a "good" job. Rose's technique matters little: Henri Cariter-Bresson's responses, and the projection of his "inner being" ("anarchist... finally reducing "anarchism" to "love") was marvelous.

Especially, when Rose asked him, "Why don't you accept the fact that you are a great (the greatest?) photographer?" - and Cartier-Bresson answered him, "Because it is not true. I have a camera, and I use it."

One really significant quote from HCB: "Everything worth knowing cannot be taught."

Rose: "What makes a great photograph?"
HCB: "Geometry, and everything in the right place ... and ...."
Rose: "You don't know?"
HCB: "No, I don't know,"
Rose: "And it can't be taught?"
HCB: "No. It can't be taught"