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Your in Sonora!! NO way I am just up the road from you in Groveland! What a small world! welcome to the LF world! If you want to come up to Groveland I would be more than happy to shoot with you or heck I will swing down to Sonora as I like to head up the pass, kennedy meadows, Arnold, bear valley, etc...

If you need any help just let me know. I also sent you a PM with contact info.

WOW! What a small world. I would love to met up with you sometime. Of course right now I'm real busy, the holidays and all, but after that, for sure.
What do you shoot with? I'm new to this format so It'll take a bit for me to get up to speed. I also have a buddy who is also into photography. He hasn't shot in LF yet but I think I'm giving him itch to start.( he is in Oakdale.)
Anyway, I'll PM you later with my number. Thanks for contacting me!