"Back in the day" when I had to go to work for the papers, strobes weren't allowed at the high school/college/pro games...times have changed! We shot 'em with high speed print or pushed Ektachrome with a f1.4 or faster lens at 1/500.

If your camera syncs faster than 1/125, I'm also surprized. Man, am I behind the times :o Perhaps the blurring is due to the 1/250 speed...I always used 1/500 to stop action at games. But that's neither here nor there, as I would think your flash duration on the strobes would freeze 'em mid-air. I have a hunch that even your gorilla strength strobes don't put out enough punch when bounced off a high ceiling. I had great results in available light with either of the fast films mentioned above...give it a shot.

Maybe I'm old, behind the new technology and stuck in my ways, but I wouldn't use 'em, 'cause you're going to get to a game or tournament where they're not going to let you use them.