Wow. First, let me thank you. I am learning more in a short time here than I have in years. Some great ideas here so let me address them one at a time:

1. Using a long exposure and strobes: First, I would love to see that picture at A-Basin sometime. I skied there many times when I was at school (University of Colorado, Boulder). Although I like the concept, I'm not sure I have the correct equipment and, if you read my thread in the Lighting section (which, in retrospect, should have been posted here, is there any way to get it moved?), you will see that I have a great deal of trouble with artificial lighting of that nature. I am thinking of trying some high speed photography at some point, but I am going to have to get more comfortable with flashes and strobes first.

2. Multiple Exposures: No, I hadn't considered that and I don't know why. I looked at your rocks and stream photograph and was stunned. I had seen it before and had assumed that it was a simple time exposure. I had never considered that this effect could be achieved through the use of multiple exposures.

Regardless, I like the idea. It would simplify my problems greatly. I took some multiple exposures when I was much younger but haven't done so recently, although I've been considering it again and reading up on it. I have sent an e-mail to you accepting your gracious offer of help calculating the correct exposure.

3. Pinhole: Although experimenting with it again appeals to me at a certain level, I literally did it twice when I was in High School and I simply don't have the confidence to start with it in this application.

4. B&W vs. Color: Well, I had pictured it in my head as a color photograph. I thought that the scout uniform colors would add something to the overall effect. However, upon consideration, there is really no reason why I couldn't do both. I can scrounge an extra tripod and cable release and I have a second body that I am planning on leaving loaded with B&W. There is really no reason I couldn't shoot it both ways. Now, I must admit that it has been years since I shot Black and White regularly (since High School when I was doing my own developing and printing) so I'm not used to thinking in Black and White anymore, but you have me thinking in that direction and I think it might be fun to do it both ways.

5. IR: I've never taken any IR pictures and, to be honest, I haven't found a source for IR film in San Diego (I've looked a bit because I've always though that it might be fun to try). My lack of experience with the film makes me nervous about trying it here.