Thanks for the replies....I may have "mis-spoke" as my camera synchs at 250. I am also tad embarassed to admit I now shoot digital (Nikon D1h)...I found this site, read the lighting posts and it seemed like there were some real pros I signed up. Hope I am not like a Nikon guy at a Canon convention. May I be forgiven for having gone to the dark side?

The main reason I have bounced the strobes is to avoid having the flash shoot directly at the players. I shot all day Sat, never had a complaint. I am out tomorrow at a different gym, we will see how it goes.

Am wondering if the "blur' is an AF problem - I was shooting with a 70-200 f2.8 for a while...that's a lot of glass for that little motor to throw around. Later when I switched to the f1.8 fixed 85mm, the results seem to improve significantly.

If I am understanding how this works, it's the flash duration that freezes the action - and setting my shutter speed @ 1/500 or 1/1000 will have no effect?

I was somehow under the impression from reading my flash meter manual I could set my strobes at 100%, select an ISO, AND a shutter speed, take a reading and the meter would give me an f stop. Did I misunderstand the meter instructions?