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Wow, this brings back memories, not all of them good. Two 1600 watt strobes at each basket on approximately 45 deg angles, not bounced. Rollei 6008 on 1/500th with a radio trigger and an on-camera Metz potato masher flash for fill only. 60, 110 and 180 lenses. Fujichrome, great results. Schedule an appointment with your chiropractor in advance. It got interesting when a player slammed in and broke the backboard.
I've seen other people use similar, though they often only light one end since the teams change sides at half time. If you have 4 strobes, then you can light a little farther out to cover more of the whole court. The guys that I know who used to do this would normally shoot 400 speed film, but we were also in arenas that had enough light in the center to get decent results, so they were just filling the basket areas. Except for one game in the better stadium where there was an NBA exhibition game that was covered by their photogs, and then they set up many strobes way up high all the way around the court and tripped them all with radios. They must have had about 16 fixtures up, and this was a stadium that was very well lit where you could get a decent shutter speed with 400 film and no flash.