My favourite contemporary artist by a long way, and just as much a photographer as anyone else.

It's fascinating reading about how he documents his work with his photography. In many instances the photograph is just as important as the piece. Most of the time it's the only record of the sculpture. One piece that stands out for me is in his book Arch where he says;

“It is so different making a sculpture for the moment to making one that can be seen at all times. Photography becomes a way of understanding and extracting an idea from the piece. There is an intensity about this process that I don't feel when I make a work that will be there a long time. I like and dislike it for this reason. I dislike it because it is hard and a strain and a burden. I am constructing the story of this arch in images. I have to extract from the journey the visual story of the arch. Making the arch itself in the various places is becoming less of a challenge than drawing the work together.”

He also spends a lot of time concerned about the light and waiting for just the right conditions to photograph his installations in the same way as we will wait for the “right” light to photograph, for example, a landscape.

A true genius.

Thanks for the heads-up on the DVD. I didn't know about that.