We installed the 8x10 enlarger this weekend. It is one funky beast of large proportions. I found a bulb at a photo shop which is going out of business nearby. $5.00 so we have a spare now if necessary. I'm going to call it Frankenstein, as it looks to be of about that vintage and may have been a prop out of the movie the way it looks.

This thing is large, but seems to work well enough. It is on a piece of 1/2" plywood which we fastened to the wall with concrete tapping screws. Printing will be a bit of a bother, as the ceiling heighth in this small apartment-darkroom is low. The easel will be sitting on my 8x10 trunk case, which is about 16" high. We're good to about 20 x 24 if needs be, by using the floor for the easel. Need to find bigger trays if we go over 16 x 20.

Thanks to all for input on bulbs. tim