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The newspaper article called it a backlit Cibachrome. I have never heard of that...
Dear Mick,

Cibachromes are dye-destruction prints of unparalleled durability. They are now officially known (I think) as Ilfochromes, because Ciba-Geigy unloaded Ilford many years ago, though everyone still calls them Cibas. The backlit variety are, understandably, on a translucent base.

Is this a reasonable purchase? It's hard to tell. Museums have to get their pictures somewhere. An Australian dollar is about 40p (Sterling) or 60 cents (Euro) or just under 80 cents (US) so the magic 'million' isn't reached in other currencies -- though of course it's about half a billion Indian rupees and God knows what in Turkish lire.

Buying pictures is always a gamble, despite the best efforts of the art mafia, and all you can say is, museums commonly win some (pics increasing greatly in value) and lose some (dropping in value, or at least, appreciating very little).

Having said all this, it's hard to believe that it would not be more cost-effective to spend A$1,000,000 on 40 photos at A$25,000 each -- or even to set up 20 bursaries for photograhers at A$50,000.