I have had experience of a number of TLRs in my time.

a) Yashicamat. I had an early model. It was quite nice to use (everything worked as it should). The lens was sharp but nothing startling. If I remember correctly the focussing screen was not that bright but by no means difficult to use.

b) Minolta Autocord. A definite step up from the Yashicamat. A lens that was noticeably sharper and more contrasty. It had a quirky loading system in that you loaded it from the top down rather than the traditional bottom up. I enjoyed using this camera a lot.

c) Rolleicord (cant remember which model). A very nice camera with a lens (if memory serves) that was every bit as good as the Minolta. Very easy to use.

d) Mamiyaflex C2. Had a film transport mechanism that was prone to wearing out quickly which caused film spacing issues. Lens was sharp and contrasty. I would not recommend going for one of these due to the film transport issues. Spares now unavailable.

e) Mamiyaflex C220. A much better camera that the C2. Silky smooth controls and lens interchangeability a real boon.

One word of warning about the Mamiya range of lenses. Don't buy the chrome lenses with the Seikosha shutter. Its a good shutter but when it goes wrong It will be practically impossible to repair due to lack of spares. Always go for the black lenses.

In order of preference

Mamiyaflex C220
Rolleicord/Minolta Autocord

I would discount the Mamiyaflex C2