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IT makes them sound more importatant to those who just see a guy untagleing ropes. And it helps to justify the purchase in their mind.

If I remeber correctly the highest price ever paid for a 'photograph' was about 2.4 million at a Southerby's auction. Was some picture from the turn of the century on long island, NY, showing a hazy shape of the moon shining thru some trees. Course if you put that in perspective with the highest 'paintings' have gone for, 1 mil and above is not that common to see for just a photograph.
Actually it's an original print by Weston that was auctioned and it was taken in Westchester, NY not Long Island. Best guess in Mamaroneck - I think the print dates from around 1909?.

As to paintings, Pollacks and other post-WWII US moderns etc. now regularly go well into the tens of millions (USD) nowadays.

I'm not sure what this whole thread is driving at except that fine arts at the highest levels command extremely high prices.

As to back-lit chromes - I wonder whatever happened to the Kodak collection that used to be displayed on the giant backlit screen in NYC's Grand Central Station before we tossed all that visual "pollution" out of the grand old gal when we restored her to original glory?