I used to use trays, but I recently obtained a couple of Jobo 2500 series drums with the 2509n 4x5 sheet film holders for a good deal used ($30 for two tanks and two holders). I'm having more success with this system than I did with the Unidrum/Uniroller. The Jobos are well designed. You don't need the optional film loader unit BTW. I can load the 2509 holders even in a changing bag. To turn the drum for agitation I simply attached 4 small furniture casters from the hardware store to a board, and I rotate slowly by hand. No need for a motorized base in my opinion. The development has been very even. With the smaller drum which holds one film holder you can either use the typical inversion method, although you have to fill up the 1500cc tank, or the roller method, which uses about 500cc to 700cc developer. I use more than the minimum amount of developer to ensure enough developer solution per film square inches. The 2509n film holders each hold 6 4x5 sheets. I would highly recommend the Jobo tank, however you decide to agitate. I like tray development too, but you need a darkroom, and my basement is too cold to use in the winter.