hey fellow analoguers,

i'm a 29yo silicon valley computer guy who loves photography as much as computers. i've been interested in both for as long as i can remember. i am only minimally into non-analogue photography, as i find working with film and prints in my home darkroom a great (and relaxing) contrast to work.

as my friends have all gone high tech, my photography has gotten lower tech. for me, the variety photography has to offer keeps me learning new things. i like collecting cameras, and amassing a large arsenal of tools i can pick from when i want to go out and shoot. of course, shooting is only half the fun when you can develop and print yourself at home.

i've been mostly lurker and slightly active on online communities. i joined a local camera club but feel extremely out of place as most of the members are retired and go on outings during weekdays with their digital cameras (can't relate, can't schedule, can't understand!).

so lately i've been thinking a lot, writing up and editing a rant i've never posted publically, going on drives with my new shen-hao 4x5, and playing with a new omega enlarger i got for free (because someone was going all digital). i feel like i'm too old to take a college photo class (i've never taken a class, i dont think this is the right direction), and too young to be in these camera clubs where the members are seasoned professionals and retired hobbyists.

anyways, i like going out on drives with some cameras packed up. i shoot whatever catches my eye. i tend towards outdoor still life, urban scenes, architecture, etc. i almost always shoot black & white. i shoot mostly medium format and lately, have been shooting nearly all 4x5.

not sure what else to add here. my homepage (which links to my blog) is listed in my profile.