At the risk of being misunderstood as a negative criticism, I'll repeat here what I told my wife while were were visiting Brian's website a week or so ago. I told her that becase he has such a consistancy of vision...the way his wide format horizontals become a very distinct "eye," the way his composition is consistantly head-on, either symetrical or balanced, zen-like in their quietude and lack of clutter that the very, very small number of "heroic" landscapes (beautifully done, without a doubt)stand out and not really in a good way.

Here is an example:

Those very few images, as perfectly executed as they are, do not re-enforce his very individual vision because they are what one would expect.

As a body of work, his photographs are nothing if not unexpected, except as one grows familiar with his way of seeing and then, only in a context they create for each other.

As I said, I'm in awe. At this moment he's a favorite pohotographer and represents the absolute pinnacle of what I've discovered as a direct result of APUG. I must see actual prints one day.