Wow, leave the room for a minute and people start talking about you...

I am extremely flattered by all of the comments and am very gratified that others feel merit in my work. I already have an inflated ego and now I fear that my wife will have to suffer with at least a temporary boost in my incorrigibleness. On the plus side this sort of positive reinforcement gives me increased motivation and encourages greater efforts on my part.

JStraw and MHV are correct in their astute observation. The image cited as being "Ansel Like" is much more Ansel like than any of my work. The reason behind this is simple, it's a very early piece of mine. I only started doing landscape work, after a two decade absence from the genre, in 1998. I decided then to go out and try my hand at landscape so in '98 I made trips to New Mexico/Colorado and Death Valley ( I just posted a photo from that trip, the oldest piece in my portfolio). At the time I was very influenced by Ansel,something I think that is very common among landscape shooters, especially when they first start out. On those early trips I was not selective in what scenes I felt were worth being captured. As a city boy just the sight of a mountain with snow on top was awe inspiring. At this point, for better or worse, I've gotten a little jaded and it takes a heck of a lot more to impress me and have me stop the car and pull out the gear.

The image "Mono Lake and the Sierra Nevadas" was shot in early 2000. It is an attempt by me to do the "Heroic" or "Grand Vista" landscape. It is not a signature type piece for me and is very traditional. However even now if I am presented with a heroic scene, or even one that has been done to death, as has nearly everything, I'm still going to give it a shot and see if I can do something more, or different with it. I don't think that because someone else has shot a certain scene already that that scene is now "done". However if you're going to shoot something that has been done before, you really need to bring something new to it, or be there at a truly exceptional moment.

The work that I loaded onto my APUG gallery back in November ( Norway, Newfoundland, Greece, Utah) is recent work. They are scans from negatives and have yet to be even printed. I think that in the last year or so I have been finding my particular POV more and that my work is becoming more unique to me. I have posted some recent images, "Pet Area", "Wrong Way" and "Clothesline" that are a departure for me, yet I feel drawn to doing.

If anyone has any questions about my work, gear, technique, whatever, etc. Feel free to ask. And again, thank you all for your comments.