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Pleeeeeze Nikon, make the F2 again!
Hey, it's possible. They brough back the S3 when there weren't really any lenses for it!

But what would you want from an F2 that a nice used one or a current FM doesn't provide?

On newer cameras: IGNORE THE ICONS, at least on Canons. They are just there as reminders. It's all about training your thumb to act on the buttons, and don't worry about reading the symbols. Do you look at the keys when typing?

Shoot a lot (empty or loaded) until it's second nature. It's the ONLY way to work unless you want to always be struggling with your gear instead of making pics.

My favorite SLRs for manual 35mm shooting were the F-1 and the RTS. Liked my F and F2 but traded 'em years ago. The viewfinders in the RTS & F-1 rule, and the RTS has that extra meter-on button that I like so much (goofy placement of the shutter dial tho).

Modern designs inevitably seem to ignore the left hand -- dumb IMO. I love having the aperture and focus in my left hand, as distinct physical tasks, rather than a multi-purpose modal command dial or wheel to over-burden my right hand, which should be busy shooting.

Canon, Contax, and Leica manual focus all turn the same way -- infinity on the right. Nikon and EOS turn the other way. Madcap focusing hijinx ensue!