I happen to own both am original Weston nude, and a Mortensen print.

Neither is better than the other. This particular example is one of the poorer Mortesen's I have seen. As someone said, it violates several of his own rules.

The difference between a Weston and a MOrtensen is Weston was basically a straight printer who produce beautiful creamy skin tones. I keep mine in view in an attempt to print to the tones.

On the other hand, Mortensen usually did extensieve work on his images between exposing the film and producing the final print. I have seen a couple of his test prints prior to the work on paper negatives and metalchromes and they are rather plain. Lighting was commonly flat and he corrected this with his retouching work. He was more an artist with his pencil and engravers tools than with a camera.

Still, I will collect as many of both photographers images as I can. They are equally beautiful and desirable, just different.