I've used this thread as an excuse to look through my Mortensen books. The reproductions are quite poor. I wish that I could get a look at some original prints. (On the other hand, I have seen a large number of original Weston prints. The print quality is outstanding.) My favorite Mortensen photographs are his portraits, actual portraits not his characters like Machiavelli. He composed his photographs very well.

What I find a little disturbing, though, is a lack of texture. I'm not talking about the super texture of an 8x10 contact print, but, well, some texture, especially in skin tones. Maybe there's much more in his actual prints. I hope so.

I'm also curious why Mortensen simply didn't draw, perhaps even from his photographs. It's clear that he loved the technicalities of the photographic process. Even Adams admitted that M. understood sensitometry. Maybe he like hanging out with pretty young girls? Can't really blame him for that, but he could've done so whether he photographed or drew them. It's a conundrum.