Help! I need to know 2 things: (1) where can I buy a new on/off switch for my Nikon MD-12. (2) Has anyone got a wiring diagram or scan of the wires that connect the on/off switch. I purchased an MD-12 that has had the on/off switch removed (ex. ministry of defence), in its place is a short length of cable wth a 4 pin jack plug on the end. I have tried looking on the net and I did find an inside view of the MD-12 but it was not clear which wires went to the switch. I have removed the 4 core cable/jack plug. I am left with two yellow wires with bare ends and one red wire with a bare end. The MD-12 only cost me 4 so it will be no great loss if I cannot get it working. I am tempted to connect the two yellow wires and the red wire together and see if the thing powers up, but I have promised myself to be patient and wait and see if any APUG members have the knowledge and good heart to help.