Still being relatively new on apug I can see the value of lots of different points of view. Apologies to David about my unclear approach in asking the question. This, BTW, is an office habit and often interesting and worthwhile to see what comes back. Trouble is, I tend to forget when I'm not at work plus it drives my wife up the wall. More about that another time maybe.

Anyway, I like the way David reflected some different groups.

Being pragmatic about it, Ryan has clearly cracked this and it works for him.

I can see the logic in the just-do-it approach combined with a realistic price in the first place which reflects some of what has been put into producing the finished print. I like that because otherwise procrastination can be a major obstacle along with the "what if no one likes it?" line.

Maybe it's down to the belief in what any of us do, the worth of it in terms of the satisfaction, the enjoyment, the pleasure in creating something that makes the hairs prickle on the back of your neck. For me, a real buzz is taking a photo, seeing then in my mind's eye how it's going to look when printed and then achieving that. Even better, taking that step further and getting something really great - beyond what was originally seen - in the finished print. Seeing that in the fixer tray when the lights are turned on is great. Those moments make it so worthwhile no matter whether anyone buys it or even likes it. So maybe that's the goal. But if someone does buy it, that's a bonus and an encouragement too.