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Just sell your prints for more money. Simple as that.

I've been selling 8x10 AZO prints for a couple years now, my prices are now $175.00 and my prints are still selling very well. My prints are going up to $250.00 at the 1st of the year. This is still very reasonable for the photography market when compared to galleries.

Ryan McIntosh
Let me chime in here. I recently purchased Ryan's Iceland Portfolio II and quite frankly, if I hadn't purchased a couple of Ryan's Azo prints on Ebay for about $50 each a year or so ago, I would have never spent the $$ for his portfolio.

What selling some prints on Ebay for $50 (actually they started at $50 and I was the only bidder on the two I purchassed) did was expose me to Ryan's work at a reasonable price. I also purchased a couple prints by another photographer (no longer participates on this forum) for $50 each and for this photographer, if I had spent say $250 each, I would have sent them back for a refund. However, at $50 each I just kept them and chocked it up to helping out someone just beginning to sell his work.

I don't think it would hurt a young artist to offer prints the way Alan Ross does. While Alan certainly commands a respectable price for his fine prints, he also offers 1 or 2 "artist edition" prints each year for something like $225. These prints are clearely listed as being different from his usual Gallery prints and it allows folks to afford one of his prints and become exposed to the quality of his work without paying the "normal" Gallery prices.

For those of you who are trying to become exposed to a larger audience and sell your prints at respectable prices, let me suggest that you consider offering on Ebay an "artist edition" of a print that is produced in volume and then sold for something approaching $50 for an 8x10 that is matted etc, the way you would normally present one of your "fine" prints. This would allow those of us that want to explore your work a way to enjoy a print at a reasonable price. Who knows, maybe the next portfolio I purchase will be one of yours.

From what I see there are many fine photographers here and your work deserves an audience.

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