Ebay is truly a great market for self representing photographers who are trying to sell work, but many people need to do more research and understanding into how the art market works, not just Ebay.

When I started selling prints a few years ago on Ebay, I started my print prices at only $50.00. This was really a break-even price where I was not making any money, nor loosing any. At first, no prints were sold for several weeks-months. As soon as a few people took a risk and purchased a print, a few more did also, then the first people purchased a few more, and I kept having repeat buyers along with more new ones coming. Soon, people realized that I was offering high quality prints for a very cheep price, so they kept purchasing. Prints sales were getting out of hand and I could not keep up with the mounting/matting of so many prints, so I knew it was time to raise print prices.

Starting out selling cheep on Ebay is okay, because it's a way to "test the water". If someone purchases your prints and they are of good quality, they will purchase more. In result, others will see this and follow. If someone purchases prints and are not pleased, they will not purchase anymore and neither will others.

Because selling prints is my only source of income, I knew that I had to raise my prices, so I went up to $75.00, then $95.00, $125.00, $175.00 and soon $250.00. As for print sales, they have remained steady and consistent over the past few years. The price increase has not decreased sales, if anything...it has increased sales. Many because people know my print prices are steadily climbing.

Ebay has been a great way to introduce myself to collectors, galleries, museums and photographer who purchase artwork on Ebay. I've sold several hundred 8x10 AZO prints on Ebay since I first started, and prints sales are still going strong. However, I'm starting to be approached by more galleries around the country (who found my work on Ebay) that are interested in representing my work. As soon as a gallery starts representing my work, I will probably stop selling so much on Ebay and reduce the online sales down to maybe only a few prints a month. This may also call for another increase in prices.

I hope to start a "Special Edition" print program shortly, to give new buyers a chance to buy my work at a more introductory price. I'm still getting several new buyers each month, but as prices increase, the number or new buyers will decrease. Of course, even for past collectors, this will be a great chance to acquire prints for a lower price.

I don't think it’s a good idea for a artist to sell their work to cheep, as it only devalues the artists work. However, you need to realize what your intentions are with selling your work. Are you selling your work as just "wall art" for the casual buyer to hang in their home, or selling work to more collectors as an investment purpose for the buyer? Personally, I'm doing photography for a living, so many people purchase my prints to collect and value them, not always just to decorate their home.

There is only a VERY small handful of artist on Ebay that are worth collecting and selling their work not just as wall-art. If you do some research, you will see these are the artist that are selling most.

Like someone said before...if your just wanting to sell prints to share an image with someone, Ebay might not be the place for that because there is several others trying to do that unsuccessfully. It takes alot of time, energy, and effort to sell your work. However, in the end, it's one of the most fullfilling and pleasing jobs one can have and I would not want to do anything else with my life.

All the best,

Ryan McIntosh