Hey Kev,

Nowhere did I say that since an artist is not selling on ebay, that means they are not worth collecting. Nowhere did I say that, and nor do I believe that. That would just be stupid.

I was saying that out of all the people selling art on ebay, only a small percentage of them are worth "collecting" for investment value. There is alot of artwork that is pretty wall art, and you can see it's not selling quite as well.

Of course, I consider you one of the self representing photographers selling on Ebay that is worth collecting. Your certainly selling more than just wall art.

Ebays sales come and go in waves. We all have down times where nothing sells, or times when we get more sales from another selling outlet (ie-website).

Checking someones sold items or feedback does not mean they are not selling images from Ebay. I've had several people contact me wanting to purchase prints that just found me from Ebay, or someone that just got one prints on ebay...then views my websites and wants to purchase a few more via private sale.

Personally, I think Hastings is selling wallart images. He has been selling (not much!) on Ebay for the exact same prices for along time and never changes. I believe he may just be interested in sharing his images with others. As you can see...no collectors are buying his work, only the casual buyer. This does not mean his images or prints are of poor quality.

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I have to disagree with this statement completely. Lately my prints sales on eBay have been in the toilet, so does this mean I am not worth collecting even though selling prints is how I make a living and the fact that I am completely and totally dedicated to pursuing this as my only source of income?

I have made sales the last few month off my website but to say that since artist are not selling on eBay per say they are not worth collecting is really wrong.

As far as steady sales at higher prices on eBay, I have yet seen it for myself and many others that sell on the site. One print a month or even two is hardly enough to consider strong sales. If someone was selling 20 prints a month at the $175-225 range then yes I would agree, but as I comb over eBay feedback and the many known and unknown photographers they are only selling 1-3 prints a month at best above the $50 price point. To me this is not strong sales and hardly enough to support a family or a household.

I am sorry but eBay does not produce sales. Look at the lister that goes by hasting on eBay, this guy must list 20-30 prints a week and only sells one or two. At that rate he is not even breaking even so in reality he is paying eBay to take his prints off his hands, the fees must be killing him. His price point is $49.95. Then I have seen a few other who sell at $175-$250 and they go for months on end on eBay with 0 sales and at times you will see with only 1 or 2 sold every 2-3 months.

Look up on eBay for yourself and see what has sold versus what hasn't, look at the prices the prints have sold for, 95% of the prints are at or below $50. When you do your searching exclude the knowns such as Weston, Adams, Loranc, etc...

Just my take on it.