Inderdaad, nou al bijna oud nieuws. Het nieuwe bedrijf gaat HOYA PENTAX HD heten. Ze schuiven de hele handel in elkaar en blijven camera's maken, hoewel ze dat niet uitdrukkelijk zeggen.
"Optics area: (Major products include: optical glass and lenses, digital camera modules, micro-lenses, etc.) HOYA and PENTAX will vertically integrate the design, materials, lenses, processing and module groups in the optics area, which is expected to lead to qualitative structural reform and further strengthen competitiveness. HOYA and PENTAX will mutually utilize their respective manufacturing sites and customer bases, in order to secure a competitive edge against newly emerging Asian players and strongly position themselves for sustainable growth in the face of structural change in the optics industry."
"Significant structural changes have occurred in optical equipment and related materials since the emergence of digital cameras. Competitors in Asia have grown rapidly and are expected to continue gaining market share through low price campaigns and increasing the added value of their products. Along with existing camera manufacturers, home appliance makers have also entered the digital camera market, further intensifying competition in this segment. In order to maintain growth capabilities, cost competitiveness must be strengthened by lowering production costs and focusing on unique, high-end products. Measured structural change is necessary to ensure differentiation in this environment."

Het Pentax 67II systeem is natuurlijk erg mooi, maar verder zijn de produkten van Pentax en Hoya toch meer gericht op de beginnende fotografen en kiekjesmakers :o, lees: niet de Apug lezers . Of wel soms?