As I read these writings, and the ones in the other thread I continue to feel like Bill Schwab is the voice of reason, and I tend to agree with him. I would also like to say that I feel like he is coming from a place where he might know what he is talking about; he is well represented and is prolific in his work.

As for the others of you, I wonder why you care so much. If ebay is not working for you, and you can sell prints for lots more money somewhere else, then do it. I do not buy into your reasoning that collectors who would otherwise be buying your work for a few hundred dollars are being side tracked by cheap prints on ebay. If they want your work at your price they will buy it, they will not buy 5 others on ebay instead.

There are lots more serious collectors browsing ebay than you think. And as Bill said, plenty of top drawer sales are taking place.

Nobody is “ruining” the market for selling your work.

As you are fond of saying,

Just my take on it.

Ray Bidegain