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If someone was selling 20 prints a month at the $175-225 range then yes I would agree, but as I comb over eBay feedback and the many known and unknown photographers they are only selling 1-3 prints a month at best above the $50 price point. To me this is not strong sales and hardly enough to support a family or a household.
To think one is going to throw a few prints on eBay and suddenly be making a living is ridiculous. If this is what you are basing your negative feelings on, I would agree. Making a living with your work takes so much more than print sales and the sooner you realize this, the better you will feel. There is education, licensing, posters, notecards among many others. Anyone, and I mean ANYONE that thinks they are going to make a living off their work in one specific venue, is very sadly mistaken. People that complain about their sales should realize that each and every sale is a gift no matter how much it is for. Anyone feeling they deserve to make a living because they've been doing this a few years is just fooling themselves.