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The reason many galleries don't want to handle artists who sell on ebay is that it will undercut their selling prices. It may be a good way to get seen by some galleries, but once you have significant gallery representation, you may well be asked by more than one of them to stop ebay sales because A: every ebay sale means one less print they can sell, B: one less commission they can earn, and C: because it is an auction, it can go for less than they are selling your work for. If you can not only sell work without paying them a commission, but your side sales will undermine their pricing, why would they represent you?
Scott, As one who sells their work regularly via many venues and has done so for some time, I can tell you this is not entirely true anymore. The world is a far bigger place than any one gallery can cover. I am selling prints via the Web to places my galleries haven't begun to try to market my work. Plain and simple, the way you and many think of galleries and gallery representation is rapidly changing. Some are getting with the program, others are already being left in the dust. The book is still being written on this subject and it looks better for the individual artist than is does for galleries I am afraid.