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Bill - I'm not saying that the market is not changing. I'm just stating that this is a risk of selling your work on ebay. I think it would also depend on the pricing you set, and if you are selling via Buy It Now or are auctioning your work, if it is limited edition or if it is open editioned. It will be very interesting to revisit this issue in 10 years and see if the art market has caught up, or if it has changed for everyone.
A huge part of the art market today are sales generated by art consultants and interior designers. For people of substantial means, and those people often have several homes, hiring an interior designer to fill the walls is pretty common. For office buildings, first class hotels (the kinds that use real art, not posters) art consultants are hired to purchase the needed art. This is a very large part of the day to day art market and is the bread and butter of many galleries. It is more efficient for an art consultant to go to a gallery representing 30 artists and make a presentation of 30 artists to the client, than for them to contact 30 individual artists. So galleries still have a unique function, they have variety. But it is a fiercely competitive business.