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It's all in the branding Brian and it is not as if you aren't getting your % out of each and every one of those that appear out there. You never should have licensed images to those poster companies if this bothers you. Personally I am happy these get out there in my case. I license very few images and the ones I do seem to sell well. More than that, they have done a better job of spreading my name than perhaps any other. I am happy for each and every exposure of my work. As for "confusing" collectors... true collectors of original work will not be confused and will not buy them. People who buy posters will. That is a dollar from someone who never would have seen your work if not for IKEA and those inexpensive repros.

Bill, the poster publishers aren't selling them online, however almost anyone can become a customer of a poster publisher, buy posters and then sell them online. Someone even has matted and framed "Prescott Trees" inscribed the word "Worship" on the mat and sells them as religious art. I wonder if they know that it's actually a photo of a cemetary?

I'm used to licensing work, as you know stock sales of photography is bread and butter for advertising photographers, and as timing would have it I sold poster rights just this week for 6 more images. But still it pains me to see poorly reproduced versions of my work in huge numbers, and selling so cheap! I always feel a need to apologise for the print repro.