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You don't feel the same way when it happens to you?
I do. I'm just realistic. I know this may sound trite, but after all these years I am still grateful to be in the position where someone wants to publish my work at all. I meet many deserving artists that never get the chance. I know it doesn't happen for everyone and am reluctant to sing my praises for fear it will all come crashing down. I have seen many people who think they had, or were going to "make it" just disappear. It can and will happen to any one of us trying to make our way like this. What I write here and in other threads is not designed to blow my own horn or boast of accomplishments, it is to give some perspective to those who think all is glamorous simply because you have gallery representation. You know the numbers Brian and you know as well as I how hard it is to make even close to a living doing this. Back to the original point, if you can do it by subsidizing your income on eBay... more power to you.

Bill (printing his butt off before the break)