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Again you are right on Bill.

I too believe that every sale is a gift, and I feel lucky to have it.

This is an example of how artists undervalue their work. A gift is when you get something for nothing. It's just given to you without any effort or expense on your part. If you have taken the time to shoot the image, process the film, make a print, spot,mat and mount the print, you have made a serious effort and used your time and resources. When someone chooses to buy your work they are seeing value in it, they are choosing to possess it and are willing to pay for it. However it is only a fair exchange when you have charged the buyers, and have gotten paid, an amount that is reasonable and commensurate with the expense, effort and quality of the work you produce. Also for the buyer, you'll often find that the more people have paid for your work, the more they themselves value it. Human nature I guess.

The way that I view my print sales is not as a gift. I work extremely hard at what I do and spare no expense or effort. However I do view it as an honor that people would choose to make my work part of their home and their lives.