I want to use a 120mm f5.6 on a 4x5 for moderate [borderline] close work @ 1:3 - 1:6 magnification [15" - 30" subject area,] with coverage for moves. These are borderline magnifications, the 120mm macros won't cover and according to the manufacturers are optimized for the closer ranges. I have read in Schneiders' publications that normal Apo-Symmars are designed to work at magnifications from 1:3 up [1:20?.] However, the 120mm Apo Symmar is low on coverage [none if I wanted to also use it at infinity.] The new Super Symmar XLs are also designed to work from @ 1:3 out to infinity but are problematically priced.
I've located a nice 120mm Super Symmar HM [1990s blue ring.] I know they're Apo lenses. I know they have larger coverage. I think they had some extra special glass? Schneider provides very little info on these lenses. The brochure contains little about glass or design. I had one years back and it was 'super' sharp but I never tried it close. I'm wondering if anyone knows if those earlier Super Symmar HMs like current Symmars, were also designed for a wide magnification range, how close were they corrected for [Schneiders' current preferred 1:3 to infinity?]